Saturday, September 1, 2012

Still Here

I have now obtained the use of eye tracking technology, so I plan on starting to post again. I've been pretty busy this year just trying to keep up with my two kids. They are growing up so quickly and I am soaking in every minute. That is one of the benefits of having ALS, I get to spend every day with them. They are such a blessing. They are perfect. As my hero Steve Gleason would say, the journey through this trial won't be easy, but it will be awesome. My body has gotten substantially weaker so far along this little journey. There are so many things I can no longer do that I used to take for granted. Luckily I have two awesome women to take care of me and put up with my crap. Thanks to my beautiful wife and mother. I could not survive without them, and I mean that in the most literal sense. I also have plenty of support from family and friends with a special mention of my two wonderful aunts Delynn and Deloris, who bring dinner every week. Every little thing helps and I am thankful for every bit of help. With respect to my earlier post on hope, there are many things going on currently in the medical arena, especially on the stem cell front, that give reason to hope. Additionally, many organizations, and even PALS themselves, are really spreading the word about ALS through the use of social media. The internet is such a powerful tool. Now more than ever there is reason to hope, to fight, to hang on. No White Flags. By the way, I typed this whole post using only my eyes. I can do this with the help of the Tobii PCEye. It is a pretty amazing tool. One more thing - if anyone is interested you can follow me on Twitter @STRONGWHENWEAK


  1. I'm watching the MDA telethon right now and thought of you since a few of the people they have interviewed have ALS. I read your most recent blog and you are simply amazing, as are your wife & mother (and obviously your children and the family that surrounds you). We also know the the Lord Jesus Christ, who gives you your strength, balance and eternal love, is the reason for your "groundedness" about your situation. Anyway, I want you to know that I am thinking and praying for you and your family.

  2. Josh, I am in awe of your hope and perception of life as your body takes you through this journey. Your words have touched and blessed me in many ways. I appreciate that you share your thoughts and I look forward to every post that I see from you. Although I live out of the country, I would love to help your family in any way that I can. My email address is I can send dinner, a cleaner, anything. Please do not even think twice about emailing me and I will set something up. I love you and your family. Your wife sounds like an amazing woman and I know how wonderful your Mom is. Please know that I am praying for both you and your family. God is already using you in so many ways. And how cool that you typed the email with eye tracking technology! Fight the good fight you are cheering so many of us on by your faith.

  3. I am really glad to see a post from you, Josh. I have been watching for an update. So glad you have such a great support group. I know how hard this must be for all of you. My husband is battling Stage IV Melanoma, so, we are in a similar boat. I wish you all the best and hope to read more blogs from you.

  4. Thanks for the thoughts and prayers ladies. I have alot of support but your words of encouragement definitely make a positive impact on me. Amberly, thanks for the offer. I will let you know. Very cool that you are living abroad . That would be a neat experience imo. Jennifer,thank you for the kind words. I will be thinking of and praying for you, your husband and family. All we can do is keep the faith , hope for the best and live in the present. The rest is out of our hands. Thanks again everyone.

  5. Josh,
    You are an inspiration to all! The advances in medicine these days lends encouragement in hoping for a cure for ALS. Continue the good fight! We are all praying for you! There is not a Sunday that goes by where your name is not mentioned in the requests for prayer! You are much loved!

  6. Josh,

    It was just last week (talking with your Dad) when I found that you were "Back in Business" ....
    There is no other way to put this: You are Amazing !!!
    ALS could be weakening parts of you in this fight, but have not been able to even touch your most important assets; your Will, your Heart and your Soul (lets not forget about the eyes .... thank you technology).

    We are all with you in this fight ..... we are all Praying for you .... and We all Love you !