Wednesday, June 12, 2013

Simple Things

We often  try to over analyze life. I've learned that living simply makes it easier. I focus on the good, do the best i can, and leave the rest to fate. Here are some things that make me happy :

 The sound of my children's voices
 Watching my children lay in bed as they sleep
 the smell of a freshly brewed cup of coffee in the morning
 the fresh smell of the morning when you step outside and the dew is still on the grass
 a good song
 watching a mocking bird get after a crow
 the smell and feel of a downdraft gust front of an approaching thunderstorm
 the soft feel of a child's touch
 my loving wife
 my family
 this great community in which I reside
 the feel of a summer's evening breeze
 the sound of a hawk's call
 the soft coo of a mourning dove
 the song of a mocking bird
 faith hope and love

There are obviously many more things that God has provided us in this world to bring us joy. But we must not focus on the wrong things that will fail us. It is inevitable that bad things will happen. But there will always be good to focus on and if we keep our faith and hope in God, then nothing can beat us. The best way to live life is happily, despite the circumstances.

Sunday, March 3, 2013

Why I Choose to Believe

I have been doing some thinking lately. Having a disease like ALS gives you ample opportunity to do some thinking, since it forces you to sit still. I have been doing a little thinking about why I choose to believe in a loving god. I mean I want someone to tell me how in the hell there can be a loving god when there are disgusting diseases like ALS in existence? And nobody can prove to me where we go after our time here is done. Luckily there are a few things in existence called faith and love. No, there is no scientific way of proving my faith and love, but I know they are real. I believe in faith and love, and I believe in a loving god. I know that there are things that happen in this world that suggest otherwise, but if all I do is focus on these things I would be ignoring the countless good things in my life. I would also be ignoring my innate, yet very real need to know there is a supernatural force out there that knows why things happen the way they do. And I would be ignoring the feeling that this force loves me. I am a sucker for love and goodness, and there is simply too much goodness and love in this world for me to ignore. So no, I can't prove to you that there is a god, and that that so-called god loves me. But I believe there is. Take that back, I know there is. That is good enough for me. His grace is enough for me. That is a better feeling than any scientist can give me by proving anything.

Monday, January 28, 2013

Big Week for ALS Awareness

It should be a big week to get the word out on this devastating disease known as ALS.  Specifically because we have three great spokesmen and ambassadors in New Orleans for the Super Bowl.  These three people are Steve Gleason, O.J. Brigance, and Kevin Turner.  All three are former NFL players that have been diagnosed with ALS.  And to have even more of an impact, Steve Gleason and O.J. Brigance have great platforms.  Gleason played his whole career in New Orleans.  Brigance was a part of the Ravens team that won the Super Bowl in 2001.  He still works in the Ravens' front office and is a big inspiration to the current Ravens team despite his advanced state of ALS.  Nevertheless, all three have big plans this week to spread awareness and I could not be more excited.  Team Gleason has already released a powerful PSA that can be found here.  Team Gleason leaves this message on there website:
This video was created for Steve's football family – the players and coaches of the NFL – to show that whether they had lined up with him or against him on the field of play, they all support him in his fight against this cruel and unrelenting disease.
These great players all stand by Steve's belief that everyone who gets diagnosed with this disease has the right to fight, has the right to proper treatment and to the best available care. And they believe, like Steve does, that ALS is under-funded, under-resourced and largely ignored. And that this is NOT okay.
    This video represents the players' commitment to do something:
  • • To take ALS out of the shadows and get people talking about it.
  • • To get the best and brightest scientific minds together and ask them what they need to cure ALS.
  • • And to make some noise, pressure the right people and raise the money to make it all happen.
This video is a message from these elite players, among the best and strongest in the world, to all the victims of this horrific disease to say: We're all in this together. And it's an invitation to the rest of the world to join the fi ght, and put all of our heads together to find a cure for ALS.
Very powerful indeed.  I told my mom yesterday that I would be much worse off without these men.  We all need heroes and these men are mine.  Especially Gleason and Brigance.  Lets pray that they can make a big impact this week so that the day we cure this disease can come much sooner.

Monday, January 7, 2013

The Dilemma

As we transition to a new year, 2013, we are probably  finding ourselves trying to better our lives through resolution.  Maybe by eating better or exercising more. Maybe we will try to be more positive about life and the reality of our circumstances.  I personally am constantly trying to keep the right perspective about my current situation.  But what is right perspective for my situation?  That is my dilemma.  I mean there is so much to be negative about, right?  I can't walk, I can hardly talk, and really can't eat anymore.  I can't hold or hug my children.  I can't even wipe my own backside for Heaven's sake.  There is so much this horrible disgusting disease takes away from you that it is downright depressing.  On the other hand, I have so much to be positive about.  I have two of the most perfect kids God ever created (at least in my eyes).  I get to enjoy them on a daily basis even if I can't pick them up.  I live in one of the most loving and supportive communities I can imagine.  I have a wonderful network of family and friends that  keep me running.  I live with the hope that with all of medical breakthroughs occurring today that I will one day be healthy again.  I have heroes like Steve Gleason and O.J. Brigance to look up to.  So I wake up every morning with a choice just like everyone else in this world.  A choice to be happy or depressed.  Some days the choice is difficult, but it's still a choice.  Today I choose to be happy and plan on continuing to be happy throughout this new year.  I want to close with something I heard Mike Ditka say the other day.  He said, "yesterday is history, tomorrow is a mystery, today is a blessing."  I thought that was a pretty good way of looking at things.  I wish everyone a happy and hopeful 2013.