Sunday, January 1, 2012


With each new year comes new hopes, new dreams, new promises,new fears. We will never really know what the new year will bring. I do have hope for 2012. I have hope that my beautiful kids will continue to grow and flourish, hope for the health of my famIly and friends. That is what faith in God gives us. Hope. If that faith is not there, we have no hope. Without hope we wonder aimlessly through life searching for reason, for purpose, for meaning. Faith in Jesus gives us all these things no matter the situation. By having faith in God I do not shy away from knowledge. But no matter how smart I am or how much knowledge I gain I will not know everything. There will always be that thought in my head of a supernatural force controlling, swaying, changing the winds of time giving our lives and the events therein meaning and purpose.

Here's to a hopeful 2012 through faith in Jesus Christ.


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  1. Well said Josh. Isn't hope a beautiful thing.