Monday, January 10, 2011


What is faith? Faith is defined as: A confident belief in the truth, value, or trustworthiness of a person, idea, or thing. We have faith in many things in our everyday lives. We have faith that the Sun will rise, faith that our families and friends will be there for us in a time of need or when we are in a sticky situation. Faith that our children or spouses will tell us the truth when we ask them tough or uncomfortable questions, Faith in our sports teams that we root for that they will win. We have faith in God. I have always been a skeptic. I like to have reasonable evidence based on research into something. I find it hard to believe something without some real, factual background. To make having faith more difficult, sometimes our sports teams don't pull the big game out. Or our child or husband or wife might lie to us. Or something devastating happens to us. When this happens we begin to lose faith. We lose faith in our favorite team. We lose faith in our family, and faith in our God. But, still, we always find a way to renew our faith. Because that is how we are programmed. Without faith and hope, we have nothing. Despite the number of times our teams lose, our child makes the wrong decision, a young child dies from a seemingly meaningless disease, or someone you love is diagnosed with a fatal illness, we always renew our faith. We renew the faith in our children, in our teams, in God. It may take longer for some, But everyone, albeit however begrudgingly, seems to rekindle that faith at some point. I believe this is due to the fact that somewhere along the path of figuring out this crazy, wonderful thing called life, we must have faith. Regardless of your intellectual capacity, you will not figure everything out on facts alone. Even the smartest scientists in the world, hell-bent on figuring out how to prove a divine creator was not needed to create the universe, cannot explain their goal. The fact is, at some point even these very intelligent minds have to have faith in their hypotheses.

This takes me to the main point of my post, the most important area of faith we will face in our existence on Earth. This is the faith in a creator, a higher being with a divine plan. I mean, I cannot believe in my mind that we are here just by chance. The more I read into areas such as the beginning of the universe, into theories such as the Big Bang, the more evidence I see that there was a beginning. It all began at some point in time. I believe that beginning is God. Further, the more researchers dive into the truth in the happenings and events of the Bible, the more the evidence points to it being accurate. Now, there are many differing opinions out there, but I guarantee those opinions are based on having faith in one thing or another. As for me, my faith lies with God the Creator and His Son Jesus Christ. Through all of my skepticism, my ponderings on the meaning of life, at least in my small mind, I have found the evidence needed to have faith in God and His Son Jesus Christ. I have faith in his divine plan for all of us. I have faith that He can perform miracles. I have faith that all who pledge their allegiance with Him have great things in store for them! No matter how hard the situation or circumstance may be, I know that great things are coming for those who believe in Him. That is why my faith lies with Him. Without faith in something we have nothing.

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  1. A person with Faith in what he or she believes in can get them through a lot. Just know, that friends and family are there to help guide you through the tough times, when faith seems to have faded away...

    Todd C.