Sunday, March 3, 2013

Why I Choose to Believe

I have been doing some thinking lately. Having a disease like ALS gives you ample opportunity to do some thinking, since it forces you to sit still. I have been doing a little thinking about why I choose to believe in a loving god. I mean I want someone to tell me how in the hell there can be a loving god when there are disgusting diseases like ALS in existence? And nobody can prove to me where we go after our time here is done. Luckily there are a few things in existence called faith and love. No, there is no scientific way of proving my faith and love, but I know they are real. I believe in faith and love, and I believe in a loving god. I know that there are things that happen in this world that suggest otherwise, but if all I do is focus on these things I would be ignoring the countless good things in my life. I would also be ignoring my innate, yet very real need to know there is a supernatural force out there that knows why things happen the way they do. And I would be ignoring the feeling that this force loves me. I am a sucker for love and goodness, and there is simply too much goodness and love in this world for me to ignore. So no, I can't prove to you that there is a god, and that that so-called god loves me. But I believe there is. Take that back, I know there is. That is good enough for me. His grace is enough for me. That is a better feeling than any scientist can give me by proving anything.

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  1. Amen Josh! Daily prayers continue for you. Your faith is awesome!